About Sindbad

My name is Arun Unni, aka Sindbad, in this blog, a full-time trader since Nov 2021. An ex eBay, ex-Amazon, ex Tesco and ex Airtel, I have lots of experience in the world of eCommerce and risk management. I started hobnobbing with trading and investing in early 2006. I made a serious effort to learn the art of trading from 2018 onwards. I have learned from many well know Indian traders/teachers. Many thanks to my teachers Jitender BG for the 3C program, Vishal & Meghana Malkan for their TIM and Options Mastery Program, PR Sundar-Options program, Abhijit Paul Mentorship traders program, Sandy Jadeja Daily income program. Also my mind and beliefs Coach: MV Priyank . I mix and match strategies and apply based on my gut instinct. All thanks, my teachers and mentors.

I am inspired by the time and flexibility offered by this profession; I love researching and reading charts, but I don’t feel like I am working. Each day is incredible. I hope everyone learns this art and lives their life most whole. I always wondered how human beings would spend their time if the struggle to survive and the need to secure bread was taken care of or assured. Would they be more creative? Would it lead to more creation, chaos or destruction? What would you do?

.. I spend my time dreaming of things that I want to do; I daydream and then get to work:

Apart from being a passionate trader, I am also a new age farmer (WIP). I love outdoor sports and nature. I also dream of opening a sports school that should contribute to the Olympics medal for India. I want to leave behind my impression, and my thoughts should resonate long after I have left this place.

So follow Sindbad in this journey; I have trained hard, but open seas will be challenging, but I am inspired.

My inspiration for the blog title came from this song; I feel words from this song are apt for a trader’s journey.

My biggest Inspiration & Support is my sweetheart Milu Zacharia and my best gift yet, my son Milan. My son is 10, and my trading buddy partner!